Life at 1572: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

How was your turkey day? We had a great day today. All the food was yummy. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It made me really glad to be home. I love spending the time with family. We got to experience two thanksgivings this year because we went to Zach's grandparents. Jack enjoyed his food. He took a little nap and slept off the turkey upstairs. We've been enjoying our time here. Past few days we've been busy getting ready for Jack's party. I can't believe he is one.

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Grandma Rosie said...

Thanksgiving is past and as of today, the wonderful visit with the 3 of you is over.

Zach, I am so very proud of you and feel so blessed to have been (HOPEFULLY) part of instilling some of this in you.

Amy, no one could ask for a more wonderful daughter-in-law. You are the best and Zach better REALLY appreciate it.

And Jack, what can I say. You 2 are raising a very precious little man there and I will miss the slobbery kisses, scrunch up faces, and his ear to ear grins. The time we got to spend with him has been priceless.

I love all of you and will miss seeing you but, thanks to you Amy, we here in MO are able to feel as though we are not TOO far from you. Thankfully you LOVE THE COMPUTER.


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