Life at 1572: My baby is one

My baby is one

These are a little our of order, but here are pictures of Jack's birthday party

Getting into all of his new toys
Who me?
Playing with the balloons, he really loved the balloons

The t-shirt mommy made him
Playing with the cousins
a real cowboy

The family
hmmmm...what am I supposed to do with this?
Oh! Now I get it!

Sharing with daddy
Eating some party food
Opening some gifts

His birthday cake
Some of our decorations
diving into the cake
I finally found a spare minute to blog about Jack's birthday. I still can't believe it is all over. The party went really well. I was very pleased with the decorations. Jack, was getting a little cranky because he was getting tired, but we never did have a melt down. He wasn't sure what to do with his cake at first, but when I showed him he could stick his hands in it he went to town. Everyone was surrounding him with cameras ready and waiting. He got many lovely gifts. We are having to ship them to the house. Lots of new clothes, and that is something we needed. Also, lots of new Chiefs outfits, yay! I never cried, and I really thought that I would. I shed a few tears up to the party thinking about all of it. It was a really great day. Full of lots of smiles, and tons of laughter. I thank everyone for coming, and for the great gifts they brought!


Heather said...

How cute. Looks like he had a ton of fun! Cant believe our babies are turning one! It was great seeing you guys agian. Wish we could have stayed for his party.

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful party. You guys did a great job putting it all together. All those camaras looked like the paparazzi!He was such a good boy, getting so big!

Grandma Nancy

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