Life at 1572


Grandma Rosie said...

Jack looks like he is having SO MUCH FUN in the park. Wish we were there.

(Grandma & Aunt Evy)

We love and miss all 3 of you so much.

Hugs and Kisses

kalyn said...

aw! you would think he couldn't get any cuter.
i miss you guys so much.

Aunt Janet said...

It looks so weird to be playing in the sand like its summer, we are freezing here!! Wake up in the morning to 4 degrees, repeat 4 degrees!! Plus still some snow around- YUK!At least 2 more months before we get a break. Easter is in March this year so you know it will be terrible for egg hunts. I hope you are not taking advantage of CA weather & forget how lucky to have that kind of weather in JANUARY, do you say the date every day while shaking your head.

Looks like Jack loves the sand and the swing. Guess you will be hauling sandbox toys so he can make stuff. I got a cold - guess where I got it? It only took 2 weeks of nursery attending.Doubled up on drugs so I could be there today.I'm not as tired as the first day-wow its been so long??!!Took in some of the disney tapes to watch at the evening time. I was afraid the tapes would break but they did okay.Kids watched them!
Love to all xxxooo

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