Life at 1572: Feeling Crafty!

Feeling Crafty!

I think I might be getting into too many crafts! I'm still working on my cross stitch for Jack. It is 12 squares, and so far I have 4 done. It is taking me a very long time. Upon moving my furniture around I rediscoved my crochet bag so this evening I got busy on some washcloths I have promised to my Aunt Karen. Now, I only have 4 more of those to make for her. I kind of need to step on it. She has been wanting them for a while. I think I want to venture into quilting. I found a book online that has great reviews for teaching the craft. It would have to be hand stitch so that might be a little daunting. Just to make the list even longer, I have recently discoved digital scrapbooking I have actually added it to my wish list in the corer up there. I just need to get some photo software like photoshop or paint shop pro, which I want to get anyway because it is so much fun to use. The only other thing is I need to see how much memory we have on the computer, or i would have to get another external hard drive. Our tax return money has me itching to buy something, but I know we need to use it for more practical things. I have done some paper scrapbooking, and I really enjoy it, but I find it takes up so much space. You also have such a cost for materials and tools. In the website gallery you can see pages created that look just as good as paper scrapbooking. The other two major appeals for me are that once you buy a product like paper or embelishments you can use them over and over again unlike paper scrapping. Also, when you make a page you can print any number of them. This way each child can have the same scrapbook or grandparents. I think I would really enjoy it because all of our photos are digital, and I rarely take time to have them printed for paper scrapbooking as it is. What can I say I like to keep my evenings busy and crafty!

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