Life at 1572
I am finally feeling better today. I still have a cough, but the rest of me feels back to normal. We had a busy day today. We did get to the grocery store. One of Jack's favorite things to do, he loves all the attention from the people. We had to go rent a rug doctor today. Our air conditioning froze, and then all the water leaked onto the carpet. It was really starting to stink. I just couldn't take it any longer. We have had to use the rug doctor before for this same problem. What great little machines they are. I've been busy moving all of the living room furniture around shampooing. Jack, thought it was fun following the loud machine around. They do a great job. The water I poored out was pretty gross. It even removed a black spot I couldn't get out no matter what I tried. I think they do a much better job than the machines you can buy. The carpet is much brighter, and it is nice to have it feel really clean.

Jack is saying two new things. He says duck, and if you ask him what the doggie says, Jack says, "Arf." I can't get the word that he uses for duck. It does start with a D, and sometimes it comes out dad, or maybe dack, but he uses it everytime I ask him where his duck is. I'm interested to see if he retains it tomororw. Yay, for LOST tomorrow!! Finally!

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