Life at 1572: Finished


I am finally finished uploading pictures to my external hard drive. Technology and I don't seem to get along even though I love it. I had to make two returns to BB to finally get what I wanted. I am still having a little issue that I am going to have to call support people about. Rather than just letting me click one back up of all photos and videos something went nuts so I had to copy, and move every individual file off my computer. Plus I uploaded all of my picture cds from out old computer. It just scares me that with one scratch everything could be gone, or one crash of the hard drive I guess. The goal is to have things backed up three ways, cds, external, and a photo site. I was telling Zach I think they need to do something to revolutionize the digital photo thing. Unless things change we are just going to have tons of hard drives, and millions of picture cds. I feel relief that it is done though. I was really worried about all of Jack's baby pictures. I think I might even try to print a few pics each week, and just get them into a simple album.

Zach, leaves for Monday for JTF. He goes down to the border to do I don't know what. Concrete I think this time. Last few times they have gone they built border fences. That goes for a month or whenever they are done, and then two more months of training for Iraq. Yes, it is that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. It bites. I love my Jelly, but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it just being him and I. I do enjoy that much needed break sometimes when Zach gets home from work. We have plenty to keep us busy though. I'm hoping to take him out to play a little more since he loves going outside. A new park by our house should be opening soon.

Updates on Jack, he still has only one tooth. He says I think "this" comes out as "dis", and I think he might say thank you. He usually says something as I give him something, but I just can't catch what it is. He is starting to play more with his toys. He has also had a very bad diaper rash for the past few days with blisters and everything. Very abnormal because he has never had diaper rash. I think it is due to teething. With much attention, and a few hours of running around without a diaper he is finally on the mend.

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Grandma Rosie said...

Just gotta love these computers, don't ya????
Iraq, what a VERY BAD WORD. Maybe, just maybe, your luck will change, orders will come in March and that will not be the case. We can only hope and pray. (I know, probably not likely but.......) Wish that we were all closer so that Grandma's could help you for the next couple of months during the week while Zach is at the border :(

Jack seems to be getting more and more vocal. I loved listening to him last night while talking with Bub. He was chattin up a storm.

Love and miss all 3 of you so much.

Hugs and kisses to all.

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