Life at 1572: Goodbye to some great friends

Goodbye to some great friends

Sweet goodbye kisses

The babes
The bestfriends

Cutie in purple!

Jack and LeighAnn

What Petey does best. (He doesn't know I have these, LOL!)

Bestfriends Forever!

What a whirlwind weekend, and all the way up to today. It really hit me pretty hard this evening after Pete left. It was final, they are all gone. We had a really great couple of years. I never expected to meet such great people. Unfortunately, this is the hard part of the military life, but we have to vow to stay in touch.
Pete, LeighAnn, and Kennedy we wish you well on all of the changes to come. Can't wait to see pictures of the place you get. Thanks for being great friends. We will miss you very much. I'll be waiting for that blog so I can watch Kennedy and your family grow ;)


Ronda said...


You have to make sure you keep in touch with them. We had wonderful friends while stationed in Germany and they are still a part of our lives. The Fitzgerald's are awesome family. He married Heather and David. I don't know what I would have done without their friendship all these years. We might not get to see one another very often (sometimes years) but once we get back together it is like we never have been apart. Military is hard when having to let go of friends especially when they become your family!

Have a good day! Ronda

LeighAnn said...

We miss you guys, I am planning on starting the blog tonight or tommorow. The pictures were great, makes me sad to look at them though. Hopefully we can all get together again sooner than later.
talk to you soon .

Heather said...

I know how you feel. Making friends and then someone has to move away. We have done it several times now, and its hard each time. Its great keeping in touch with them though. Hope your not too sad! Talk to you later.


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