Life at 1572: Taxes are done

Taxes are done

Jack, and I did get up and get our taxes done today. It was still a bit of a wait, but nice to have them done. Our return is decent so it should help pay off a few things. Jack, is upstairs not taking his nap. His new thing is to talk and play for up to a half hour then go to sleep. I wish I had a video monitor so I could see what he's doing. I do know he throws all of his pacis out of the bed and gets mad. I keep like 8 of them in there for him. On a side note if you read blogs or have sites you regularly go to you might consider getting google reader If you already had a blog account then you can just use that. The reader allows you to subscribe to sites and different blogs. Instead of logging into each thing everyday, you can just log onto your reader and it has all of the updates for you. I love using it because I read a number of blogs.

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