Life at 1572: Dr visit

Dr visit

We had our doctor appointment today.

Height 31 1/4 inches 70%
Weight 21.14 25%
Head circumference 70%

We saw a different doctor than we normally do, and I really liked him we might go to him from now on. I asked if we should worry about his low weight. The doctor looked at the history and said it was on the decline, but looks like it has leveled out. He said Jack is probably just going to grow up tall and thin. So that was good news. Eyes, ears, and everything else was fine. I asked about Jack not pointing with a finger, but rather gesturing with his hand. He said that as long as he is using his pincer grasp, and banging blocks that pointing with a finger should come soon. He said he thought he saw a little bit of the umbilical hernia, but that no doctor would worry about it until Jack is 4. We talked about Jack's tendency to vomit when he eats, and the dr ordered an upper GI just to make sure everything is ok. He did get some shots, not the mmr, but he got over them fast. He also got a sippy cup to take home so he was really happy. All in all great visit!


Singell Family said...

Im glad his dr visit went well. Hope his upper GI comes back good too. I would not worry too much about his weight. Constance is exactly the same way. She is very tall, but low on her weight. I was worried about it too, but the dr said thats just the way she is built. Give Jack kisses for me and the girls!

Grandma Rosie said...

Growing up good and strong. :) Maybe he will be taller than his daddy. LOL Tower over him. :)

I am surprised a GI. Would have thought that maybe testing him for allergies would have been the first step???? Maybe he is just allergic to something in foods??? Well, Dr's are suppose to know best. Anyway, we are all hoping all is OK with the little man.

Love and miss you. Hugs and kisses

Aunt Janet said...

Did you think for one second I wish I had my camera?? Jack doesn't look too skinny in the pics & when you guys were here he felt solid when picked up. Kids always thin out when they get active, on the go alot.
Hugs & kisses to all

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