Life at 1572: Up half the night

Up half the night

We experienced our first bought of child illness last night. I put Jack to bed, and he just cried not wanting to go to sleep. That was strange because he doesn't do that anymore. I let him be and after a while I went to go get him, and Zach said to leave him and let him fall asleep. So I did despite the banging upstairs. He has taken to banging on the wall I think. When I checking on him before I went to bed his room smelled. I figured it was a stray diaper. Upon checking Jack in his crib I soon realized that smell was vomit. Figuring he might have spit up a little after crying to hard I went to move him a little. I picked him up and soon realized he was covered, so was the bed, and his blankets. Great! Now, I felt horrible because he was sleeping in a puddle of disgustingness. I took him to our room, woke him up, wiped him down, and changed his pj's. He was cranky from the rude awakening, but in good spirits. Sitting there on our bed all fresh and clean he threw up again all over. So, I stripped Jack, Zach stripped our bed, and Jack went into the tub. I got him cleaned up and new pj's again. Again with Jack in our bed I watched a little t.v., and I let Jack sit there chewing on his toothbrush. I figured this might be because of his teeth. He wanted my water so we went downstairs to get some. Sitting on the love-seat he threw up again! Time again for more pj's and a wipe down. All during this laughing and smiling. No temp. so I don't think he was ill. I'm thinking it was teeth, or maybe the tomato sauce he had for dinner. I finally got him back into his crib for the night at 1. Poor baby I felt so bad for him. He seems just fine this morning.

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Grandma Rosie said...

Don't feel bad. You are not the only parent who let their child lay in vomit. Many of us have done that.

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