Life at 1572: Busy Couple of days

Busy Couple of days

Yesterday, was Zach's birthday, and today we are enjoying valentine's day. Jack, and I got up really early on Zach's birthday and we made him a cake. Not the best cake you have ever seen, but it was really yummy. We got him a little gift, and then I surprised him with dinner at Benihana. It is a Japanese resteraunt that he has always wanted to go to. The food was really great, and it was a fun evening out. Today, we just had a nice dinner for two after Jack went to bed. That is really about it.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!! That's a great pic of you/cake/present, you usually don't smile to the camera!
Hope you enjoyed the dinner - repeat next month, huh!
Jack looks like he is luvin' the cake too, he probaly will think we have candles on a cake every month.
And when you make a cake just to have, he will want to help blow out candles.
Talk later oooxxx

Anonymous said...

That message was from Aunt Janet
The sign off has changed again!

LeighAnn Swigart said...

Happy Birthday Zach! I meant to call, I am so sorry. I hope you guys had a great valentines day and have a nice weekend, I am assuming you get a long weekend because of the holiday?? Enjoy, Hopefully I will talk to you this weekend.

Singell Family said...

Happy birthday Zach! And Happy late Valentines Day to all of you!!

kalyn said...

happy late birthday zach.
and oh my jack is gettin so BIG!
love you.

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