Life at 1572: Hi Sam!

Hi Sam!

We have had some very nice weather this weekend. Yesterday, we went to Julian with Sam, and walked around everywhere. We also ate some apple pie, to die for! Today, we went to church and the Katinas were there. They always put on a nice show. We kept Jack with us, and he really enjoyed the music. Then since we were in the area we went and took a really nice long walk along the harbor.

Jack, has his first cold :( We went and played at the park with some little kids, and one of the little girls had a runny nose so I think he caught it from her. That is okay though it builds up his system. He has a really runny nose, low grade fever, and it sounds like it might be turning into a cough. He is a little cranky, but doing well for the most part. We tried something new tonight they say putting Vicks on the bottom of your feet with some socks will really help a cough and cold. Here is a little link We will see if it works, and if you are sick give is a try!

Jack, has really been talking more and more. We have been trying to reserve his paci use just for naps and at night time. This weeks he has picked up a new word almost every other day. He recently picked up Hi, and Sam. He says sam like, Seeeam. He can say:
Hi Sam
and Sam

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Aunt Janet said...

I just recently also heard about the Vicks deal, probably at the nursery, I hear alot from the young moms, but every single one brings in the runny nose kids every Sunday! Binky's are never attached, they also try to give them only at certain times, but when dropping off a crying baby is not one of the times. I get so mad at the moms that don't bring in a bag with DIAPERS, yet their kid is the one who will need the changing!Last night a grandma went thru the diaper supply because she knew they were out of diapers, what nerve! The supply was all to small so she had to go to the store! Its crazy!!Sunday eve's I have been taking in Disney movies for them to watch, last night was "Air Bud",some of the older kids that help still didn't know the movie, this is kinda freaky! My kids movies are too old!???
Glad Sam got to get out. Jack will probably run him around with saying his name all the time.
Waiting for spring - only 2 months before it will be in sight!! Tired of the bitter cold this year!!!

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