Life at 1572
Nothing going on around here. I spent the day with the radio on cleaning, and trying to get rid of some of the clutter around here. I am starting to feel boxed in, all of the surfaces are filling up. I just have a hard time throwing things away somtimes. I also spent half my time cleaning what should have been a clean kitchen. It peeves me when Zach doesn't finish it from the night before. I give him the choice of giving Jack a bath or cleaning the kitchen. He usually chooses the kitchen unless I make him give Jack a bath. I try to stress the importance of the two of them doing things together. Anyway, when he cleans the kitchen it seems like I have been having to finish the job the next day. That is getting kind of annoying. He is getting better at the cleaning thing. I had never known someone that could drag a 20 minute project into the space of 3+ hours, and still not get it done. I just get frustrated sometimes because I'm picking up the same thing day after day. It feels like groundhogs day around here most of the time. I'm hoping less clutter will help the situation. Other than that I've just been playing around with my scrapbook tutorials. Trying to learn all of the new tricks. Jack, is busy running around here. He was in a cranky mood off and on today. I need to take some pictures tomorrow. His hair is getting pretty long.

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Grandma Rosie said...

You should have asked his mamma how he was at doing chores. LOLOLOL Doesn't seem to have changed much in the 4+ years he has been yours. :)
Be patient with him. He is "male" after all and doing house chores seem to affect the male species the same way.

Love and miss all of you. Hugs and kisses.

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