Life at 1572: Super Tuesday!

Super Tuesday!

Here is my first attempt at the digital scrapbooking

The day is here. Did you get out and vote? I sure hope you did! I mailed in my vote a few weeks ago. They don't give us a polling place on the base. I think that is kind of strange. Anyway, this election really is history in the making. It really is a beautiful thing to have the chose of an African American and a woman. Many people are having trouble deciding between the two, but as many have said what a great problem for Americans to have.

I got my birthday present early. He won't be here for my birthday in March. We went and picked it up last night, and I got exactly what I wanted. I got Photoshop and my digital scrapbooking software!! I was up until 2 in the morning downloading and playing with all of my new stuff. The scrapbooking is going to take a little learning, but I am glad to have something to keep my busy in the evenings. Other than that nothing new really. Jack, started saying Cheese today. He will only say it when he is actually eating some cheese. The entire time he is in his chair he sits there eating and saying, "Ches" over and over again. Today we sarted working on naming body parts. He just kind of stares at me while I point to my nose and his nose, LOL.


Heather said...

Your scrapbook page is really cute. I need to look into the digital scrapbooking. Doing it the reg. way just gets so expensive. Have fun creating!

Ronda said...

That page is so good. Green is my fav color, most of my pages are green! LOL

Grandma Rosie said...

That is a great picture. Can't wait to see more. Where are you going to be on your B-day? Hope it is someplace GOOD :)

Hugs and kisses

kalyn said...

I have had a lot oh cetching up to do on your blog since we don't have a working computer. So, when I am at Katie's I read it. She sits here with me and reads it too. She said the pictures are great, I think the same. Anyways photoshop IS fun to play around with and do stuff Katie has it. I miss you an glad to actually read the blog I feel like I know more now

love you.

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