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Out and about

Zach, has a little time off so we are trying to get out and enjoy it. I'm sure we should have stayed home since Zach feels so bad, but it is kind of hard to get him to just stay in bed. Instead we took Jack to the base theatre to see a Veggie Tales movie. We've tried the movies before, but we had to leave. I wasn't sure if he would really be interested since I can't even get him to watch tv at home. I figured the big screen might attract. We ended up staying for an hour of the movie. I was really impressed, I thought we would be out of there in 15 minutes. We just parked Jack in his stroller in the aisle, and I filled his tray up with snacks. He just sat there munching away watching the movie, and dancing to the music. It was very cute. Zach, and I signed Jack up for the daycare for a few hours tomorrow. We figure we can get lunch, or even catch a movie ourselves. This evening we went to watch the sunset at La Jolla. It was pretty chilly, but Jack loves the ocean.

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Grandma Rosie said...

So happy to hear you are getting to spend some time together before Bub leaves. Keep up taking Jack to daycare. It will give you time to yourselves and he really needs to get used to other kids. He will be better for it.

Love and miss all 3 of you.

Hugs and Kisses. Grandma Rosie

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