Life at 1572

Zach, and I took the time yesterday to see a movie while Jack was at daycare. We saw Juno, and it was pretty good. It was just so nice to actually go to the movies. Jack, just stuck with the teacher while he was at daycare. When I picked him up the teacher said she didn't want him to go home. She also said he cried when she went to lunch, LoL. It seems like Jack and I are getting Zach's cold. It just hit me this evening, and Jack has started to cough. I am trying that Zicam stuff for the first time to see if it

knocks the cold out. We just hit up the store and Costco today. Those are some pictures I took of the sunset at La Jolla the other night.


Grandma Rosie said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures. You are very good.

The Swigarts said...

Isn't that movie great!? Pete and I saw it while we were in Toledo. I hope you all are feeling better soon, give us a call when you have a chance. I saw your message on our blog, I will take some pictures of the house soon.
talk to you soon.

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