Life at 1572
Jackson, was a holy terror today. If he was into everything he isn't supposed to be. We have to get a gate for the other side of our kitchen. He has figured out how to get through the barricade I have set up so he was in the kitchen all day. This is where he usually does the most damage. He always heads straight for the computer, and pounds on the keyboard. Then he reaches up on tiptoe to grab the mouse, and he gets busy moving it around. That part is actually pretty cute because he is just modeling what he sees us doing. He has also figured out how to get past the gate we have set up that prevents him from getting into the front entry and the stairs. I also, caught him reaching again on tiptoe for the front door knob trying to turn it. All while repeating his mantra of "Dada, Dada, Dada." I think he thought he could go outside and look for him. Fortunately, he is still too short to actually turn the knob, but I'm afraid it won't be long. I have to go get those door knob protectors this weekend. He learned how to do all of this terrorizing just today. I have come to realize he is very bored. Hopefully, I can get him a few new toys this weekend too.

To get out and do something, this evening we went to the town hall meeting. I didn't get to stay for the entire thing, but they talked about all of the new stuff they are doing around the base. I couldn't stay for the entire thing because Jack was continuing his theme for the day of being rowdy. To let out some energy we stopped off at the park. Jack, got busy trying to chase some big kids around the playground. Seems like playing with older kids is ok, he's just scared of kids his size. After the park we went for a treat, and something easy for dinner. Jack, got his first happy meal. We could have easily shared, but I thought he might enjoy whatever toy would come with his meal. Lucky, for me he went down for the night without a peep. I think he was tired from his day of demolition.

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Grandma Rosie said...

Well welcome to the world of TODDLERS!!!!! Terrorizing parents is a must with this age I believe. LOL

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