Life at 1572: trying to keep busy

trying to keep busy

We have been having a pretty good day today, and to top it off it has been going by fast! This morning Jack, refused to take a nap so I got us around to spend some time outside. Making a last second change of plans I decided to venture off to Target to find a few things we could do outside. I was going to wait until next week to get anything, but I soon realized we still have a long week ahead of us. No, telling what Jack might do with 5 more days of boredom. I bought him some sidewalk chalk, fat crayons, a drawing tablet, bubbles, and one of those ball popper push toys. I was going to get him the bubble mower, but I figured we could wait a bit on that, and he really wanted to ball popper anyway. All afternoon we've been busy. He really enjoyed the sidewalk chalk. I'll have to get pictures of him tomorrow, and of his artwork. He really couldn't figure out the bubbles. He was amazed by them, but he just didn't get it that he was supposed to chase them or pop them. The funny thing about Jack is, and I'm not sure if this is common for his age, but he doesn't really run around when we are outside. We try to get him to chase us, or we chase him, but he just stands there looking at us. Too bad I can't have Sam outside with us, he loves to chase and pop bubbles! We'll have to head for the dog park or something. Hopefully, this will keep us busy for a while.

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