Life at 1572: A little scary

A little scary

Jack, and I muddled through our evening. He had his usual before dinner meltdown that I didn't think about, and was completely not prepared for. Normally, he starts going into crying fit mode about 30 minutes before dinner because he is hungry, and because he can't get to me while I cook in the kitchen. This is where Zach comes in, and he usually keeps him pretty entertained. Tonight Jack, is screaming and crying while I scrambled to throw something together to fill his hungry tummy. Tomorrow we will be having dinner earlier. I think part of his problem might have been that his other top middle tooth has come through the gum. Poor baby we have been using our teething tablets.

I spent some of my evening watching that new show on the WE channel that follows high school girls from their freshman year to graduation. It was pretty good, and I hadn't realized that is was filmed at an Overland Park high school. The second part I spent some time scrapbooking.

I forgot to mention the kind of scary thing that happened the other day. I was in my pj's, and I was upstairs in my room nursing Jack. Sam started to bark, and I heard the front door open. It was around the time that Zach should have been home so I just figured it was him. We continued, but I noticed that Sam hadn't stopped barking. Being that we aren't supposed to have him he needed to shut up! So, I went to the top of the stairs, and yelled down for him to stop barking. To my surprise a male voice yells up to me, "Oh, I didn't know you were home." I recognize him as our maintenance man. OMG he is inside my house! All while Sam is going crazy barking and barking. He continued on to say that the pilot lights had gone out, and he had come to fix them. Then he went out the door. I just remained at the top of my stairs. Then I ran and called Zach. So two bad things one he saw and heard our dog. So we may get a call kicking us or him out. Also, this man was in my house with no warning. No knock, no doorbell. Nothing. This totally freaked me out! So now, we are keeping our screen door locked when we are home or gone. We haven't heard from housing about Sam. I told Zach that if we do then we are going to take the opportunity to tell them about the maint. guy. Right now we just don't want to stir up trouble. I hope that was a one time thing.

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