Life at 1572: Training and the truth

Training and the truth

We got Zach off for his training today. It was bright and early this morning. A very chilly morning I might add, 57 is freezing to us her in San Diego! We left a little early so Zach, could say goodbye. We let Jack out of the car and he was running around in his dino pj's and a hat at 5:45 this morning. It will just be the two of us until Easter. They think they might get to come home. That would really be nice. They might allow visitors on Sundays, but I think it is a 4 hour drive so we'll see if we will be making that trip. I am a horrible night driver.

I have a Monday confession to make. Guess what we did at our house last night? We took our Christmas tree down!!!! Omg, can you believe it? March for goodness sakes. Never in my life, and I think never again will this happen. Then we couldn't even get the dang thing to fit in the box. I think it was out so long it got super relaxed. So it is sitting in our garage, half stuffed in the tree box. I can't really say why it took us so long to get it down. It sat in the corner out of the way completely so it didn't really bother anyone. Plus it blocked one of our entrance into the kitchen so now, I have to make a make-shift block to prevent Jack from getting in.

Photo uploader isn't working :(


Grandma Rosie said...

Well on this one, all I could do was laugh out loud. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Aunt Janet said...

I must confess I also have been that late with the tree & I think that's why it takes me so long to put it up at Xmas time because I dread the putting it away time. Its pure lazyness & usually that is caused by being broke & not into the holiday, never prepared for that expense.
So sad to be that way!!
Yes Sam better be a tenant, hope the guy forgot about him.
Guess you need to take him upstairs with you when you all are there, just in case someone comes to the door, you will have time to shut him up and then act like it was a dog toy of Jack's.


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