Life at 1572: mmmm...pickle sickle

mmmm...pickle sickle

Don't you want to eat a Pickle Sickle? Sounds kind of dirty doesn't it? I promise it is totally PG. I found these pickle flavored popsicles. I just couldn't resist doing a post about them. I am even half tempted to buy some just because Jack, loves to eat real pickles, and who doesn't want a frozen pickle treat as we reach these hot days here in San Diego? This is just too funny. The things people create these days. The title to this post should be link to the website if you would like to check it out, and buy some Pickle Sickles for yourself.

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Aunt Janet said...

They don't sound so good to me but if Jack likes pickles it could be fun to watch him eat them.

The pics are always good to look at, yes you both look so young in them.

One more thing I would like to mention-- there has been sad times that have happened in the "Ricketts" home on 15th/Jackson in the past 18 months, to loose so many family members (pets), the last one "Simba" laid to rest yesterday, this time she got to be with him as it should be. My heart goes out to my sister who has endured it all!!oooxxx
Amy I'm sorry, this one was yours!

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