Life at 1572: Obama on The View

Obama on The View

Today, Senator Barack Obama was on The View. I'm including a youtube clip of words that had me nearly jumping out of my seat. Up until now I have been a stern Clinton supporter, but upon hearing this I may change my vote. I need to do more research. Hearing that his first priority is getting troops out of Iraq is like music to my ears. This is what I hope and pray for our future.

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Aunt Janet said...

Thanks for posting that, I also clicked on several of the ones below in the strip to hear those too, some were of the View.

Fair warning, every past Prez has promised so much if elected & got caught up in the BIG GAME of "politics" once in office. The key I think is, what has these senators done for this country or people since getting elected Senators!! Has promises been broken ,most of that we won't know.

Good to always dig & search for as much as you can. Pro & cons must be listed for both PARTIES!!oooxxx

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