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We are considering maybe getting Jack into modeling. We've thought about it for a long time, but just haven't done anything about it. I'd say since he was born we've had at least 20 people tell us Jack should be in modeling or commercials. Every time someone says it Zach and I just look at each other with looks saying we can't believe another person is saying this to us. The only thing that has really stopped me was if we were to get something, and say we had to go to LA I wouldn't know how to get there. Plus I'm having a hard time finding where we should actually send his picture. We are in no way counting on him getting anything, but if he did it might be fun, and the money could go into an account for him. Anyway, if anyone knows some information about this, or how we get this thing rolling then please let us know.

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Aunt Janet said...

You know we just live out here in the old midwest- that's a CA thing!
Of course they always talk about that stuff when around kids. Jack does have a lot of cute different looks to him. Also remember other kids would be at try outs, interviews, etc. He doesn't react to well with his own age group.

But I think the first thing they will say - does he have a portfolio? So there is the cost of pro pics taken. And clothes, unless you could get a sponsor.
I think its alot like pagents, it takes a lot of time & dedication, travel & $. Next time someone says that ask them do you know anyone that has done modeling, maybe they will drop a name or agency.

Good luck

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