Life at 1572: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter today. Last night we dyed our eggs. Jack, just sat in his high chair watching us dye them. When we were done we put them on his tray so he could inspect them. He picked up the eggs put them in his mouth and said, "Mmmmmm." He thought the different colors made them taste yummy. This morning we went to church, and it was very packed!
It looked like a concert. It was a nice time. Jack, got his Easter basked when we got home. It was filled with all the stuff from all the Grandmas, and stuff from us. It took him a while to see that there was stuff other than candy in there! Then we went and hunted eggs in the backyard. He caught on very quickly, picking up every egg and putting it in his basket. He kept calling them balls, and he even threw a few of them. He wasn't exactly sure what we were doing, but you could tell he was really having fun. I was having a blast. I love family traditions. The only thing that was missing was the plastic eggs with the special marks on them. Remember Janet? Here are a ton of pictures for you to see. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he also go to eat the chocolate basketball egg that Grandma Nancy got him. Don't worry he didn't get to eat the entire thing. Messy!


Singell Family said...

Looks like Jack had lots of fun! Isnt this a fun age! I love his ourfit. Very handsome!

Peter said...

[The Last Pic]

There is the lil Jack I know and Love. :)


Grandma Rosie said...

Jack looks like he is having a great time on his easter egg hunt. Oh I can't wait to see him.:) :) You and Zach too.

Hugs and kisses. Love and miss you so much

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