Life at 1572: The old days

The old days

When we first moved in, we used boxes for many things, LOL.
Our first pic in San Diego. We haven't even been to our house yet. We are in line at the car wash.
From my trip to San Diego to see Zach after his first tour of Iraq.
Pictures from the first time we looked at the house.

Everything is so clean, LOL!

Seeing Zach right off the plane from his first tour.

At KCI when Zach was going back to San Diego. Before going to Iraq.

I've been going through some pictures, and I found some our old days. I miss my hair being like that. I want it back so bad, but it is such an upkeep, and my stylist is in missouri. I want that body back too. I'm not sure that is going to happen! We have really good memories of when we first moved here. It really felt like an adventure. It really was so much fun. Zach, looks so young to me in those pictures. He has changed so much. Anyway, I thought I would share some of my old memories.

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Aunt Janet said...

You guys look like only "happy" days lie ahead -- which I think you can say most of them have been.
Keep one eye on these "first pics" so you can appreciate the growing years with each other!! Zach,Amy,Jack & Sam (Also any future members) stay as happy as you guys look in those pics!!!!
We love & miss you all!!

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