Life at 1572
We had a pretty dull day today. Jack, did learn a couple of new things today. I noticed that he was saying the G sound today for the first time. So, during lunch I tried to teach him the word "gone" when he ate all of his food. He came up with "go" so he learned the word go today. I don't think he really knows what it means. He also, learned how to twirl in circles. He stood in the middle of the living room turning himself in little baby circles, propelling himself with his arm. It was very cute! He would do a few turns look at me with a big grin. Then he would try to walk, and he'd fall down because he was dizzy. He thought it was the greatest.

I think he is going to be a little artist. Like his mama, he loves anything crafty. Last week he did art at daycare. They had him put these foam stickers on a piece of construction paper. When I picked him the teacher kept insisting that he had sat in her lap, and worked this art. My first thought was, uh ok sure he did. Not that it really mattered it is still a cute little picture. Anyway, now I think he really did do that picture himself because he is obsessed with it. I had it on the kitchen table, and he can only see it when he sits in his highchair. Today, during dinner he spotted it, and kept talking and gesturing to it. He stopped eating and just wouldn't relent. So, I picked it up and held it out in front of him. I let him touch it a little, until he tried to pull all the foam animals off. All while I am still trying to feed him, but he refused to eat a bite. He was too into his picture. I hung it on the fridge right in front of him thinking looking at it while he ate would be enough. Nope, it was obvious dinner was over. The rest of the evening he would troop into the kitchen, stop at the fridge, and crane his neck looking and pointing at his masterpiece. I know he is telling me in his baby gibberish, "Look Mama I made that picture, it is awesome."


Singell Family said...

Hey! Sorry I havent commented lately I have been having internet issues. I love all the pics you have taken. Jack sure is getting big. Hope you and Jack can get out and have some fun while Zach is gone. I know what you mean about highways! lol

Aunt Janet said...

Hope you are getting a few minutes of video when he is learning a new movement??? It will be fun as you know to watch later on.Just as you always have room on the camera for more pics, always have the camera charging.

Header is good -- is that interchangable pics??

All is good, talk to you later- tell Zach"hi".


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