Life at 1572: Ouch!


Ugh, I am dying here! I need a crying emoticon :( Something has come over me today. I woke up feeling super weak. Every muscle and bone in my body is screaming in pain. I have never experienced this before, and I hope this isn't the flu or something. Despite feeling yucky I was determined to get us out. We went to the grocery store, one of Jack's favorite places to go. Carrying in the groceries was like lifting lead weights. Then we walked around through the neighborhood with Jack's push toy, and we played on the swings. I keep looking at the clock, willing 7:30 to get hurry up and get here. My patience is really wearing thin. We have a really hard time dealing with Jack's whining and yelling. He is mega demanding. If he wants it then he wants it NOW! If he's done then he's done NOW! He wants you there to wipe him down, and whip him out of his highchair as fast as you can. No, amount of calm voices, getting on his level, or trying to show him how to act, or ask for things in a different matter works. I am sure it is just the age, and that we are expecting too much of him, but the sound just goes through me like a knife. That is all pretty much normal day-to-day stuff. It just makes it harder when Zach isn't here. The thought of him being in Iraq for 6-7 months has me cringing right now. Also, today he started really biting me when he nurses. He wanted to nurse more than normal because he's teething, and I think this was also making him bite. He's just so defiant somtimes. He hates to hear the word no, and if you say it to him he runs at you and hits you or an object. Well, all the books say if they bite then firmly say no, and don't laugh because they will think it is a game. This really really hurts, who in the world out there is laughing at this stuff? Anyway, in the past saying no has always worked. Well, today he bit down, and I said no, and he bit down even harder and wouldn't let go. I had to pinch his cheek to make him let go. He's sitting there crying in pain, I'm crying in pain, LOL it wasn't good! We may have hit the end of the line with this one.


Grandma Rosie said...

Welcome to the terrible 2's early. Sounds like you have your hands full, and then some. Most toddler's at least have both parents to keep one from going stir crazy mad. I can sympathize with you a little as Evy and Zach's dad was gone quite a bit but not for the streach of time Zach will be gone.

Hang in there sweetie. It will get better but I am sure Jack is testing you now that dad has been gone a few days. He probably senses you are stressed and is seeing how far he can go. Wish you could just pick up and come home each time Zach leaves so you could at least have some help. No words of advise other than keep your chin up.

Love and miss you.


Aunt Janet said...

I always knew when it was 7:00 in the evening. My boys always got rowdy with each other to where I had to stop whatever & check to see if anybody was hurt, yelling to stop never worked. That last burst of energy for the day I guess. Highchair with coloring book might switch the old routine to something calmer.Its always a guessing game to see what will work for their mood at any moment.Thats why it is said "parenting" is the hardest job to do!


Singell Family said...

I so know what you are going through. Ivy is starting to get into this stage too. Her thing is throwing and hitting when she is mad. And the girls are really starting to fight alot! So it starts. Anyways wish I could give some advice but from what I can see there isnt any! lol Wish you were closer so we could visit and maybe the kids could play together. They did so well when they met on Jacks birthday. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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