Life at 1572: 3.79


We are paying 3.79 out here for gas. Although, we are lucky because we do get it a bit cheaper out here on the base. I read the other day that our state average is 3.88. It took $70 for us to fill our tank yesterday. Normally, we fill it, and I don't even bat an eye. Not too long ago we would fill it and it would usually cost us $50. Seventy dollars just seems like so much money. There are so many things I wouldn't spend that much money on, and in a matter of minutes I am putting it into my car. With Zach, back the gas won't last us as long either. We tend to go on the weekends, but maybe we won't be going as much. Our news said it is expected to keep climbing for the next month. For people using two cars, and long commutes I don't know how they do it.

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Aunt Janet said...

Its so sad the economy. Kids with minimum paying jobs are working for gas. I can remember my girlfriends & I looking in the bottom of our purses for change to fill up the tank to run around all day!! Of course I had a VW Beetle but still it was a bargain. My Camry has a big tank for the size of car,17 gallons I think, so it costs $60 to fill also. When you figure that its a big cut in pay. Most will cut back in the groceries which also is getting stupid in prices. Guess we will have to start exchanging recipes for quick cheap dinners.

Lots of love

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