Life at 1572: Daddy is home!

Daddy is home!

Zach, got home from Yuma yesterday afternoon. We were both very excited to see him. Sam, was too! He was busy jumping all over him. I'm just glad to have him home. Maybe my stress level can go down a little, and I don't have to worry so much about people breaking into our house. I always get freaked out in the night when Zach isn't here. We took Jack, to the park in the afternoon, and he played with daddy. He was busy showing him all of his new tricks. Zach, is back at work today. God forbid them to let them have a few days off to spend with their families. He was supposed to maybe get Friday off, but it looks like that might not be happening either. Oh, well we are still grateful to have him home! I saw this on photobucket, and thought it was cute and funny. Also, very true sometimes!



Grandma Rosie said...

So glad he made it back safe and sound. And why would the Marines give him "additional" time off??? He has 2 weeks coming up. LOL Love the little saying too. It is GREAT.

Talk to you soon.

Love you all

Heather said...

Lol, that is funny! Im glad you have your hubby home. I know what you mean about freaking out in the night when he is not there. I was the exact same way when David was gone. lol. Every little noise I thought was someone breaking in!

The Swigarts said...

Glad to hear he is back, enjoy your time together!

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