Life at 1572: David Cook

David Cook

I keep meaning to blog about him. He is totally rocking Idol! He is from my home town of Blue Springs, Mo. We went to school together. I remember him being pretty talented in school, but I am blown away by his performances on Idol. I've never even watched Idol until this season. I figured I should offer my support. I think this performance was emotional for him because his brother has a brain tumor, and he got to be in the audience that night. I hope he wins. Even if he doesn't though I'm sure he's going to get some sort of music deal. If you like him make sure you vote!

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The Swigarts said...

I agree, his is great! I had been wondering if you knew him and it kept slipping my mind when we talk. Hopefully he will win, although you never know with AI, I was suprised Michael Johns went last week!

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