Life at 1572: Pictures


One of my favorite pics. The two of us on Easter

My Family. I'm the baby.

This picture cracks me up.

I'm not sure where he was.

A little boy.

I found two picture CDs in a drawer today. They were with my wedding photos so I assumed that is what they were. When I popped them into my computer I saw that they are filled with pictures of my Dad. We had gathered these pictures for his funeral to display memories we had of him. I still have a hard time looking at pictures of him. I get very sad thinking about all that he is missing out on with Jack. He would have loved to be a grandpa. I wanted to blog a few of them because this is where my baby gets his red hair. All growing up I said I never wanted a child with red hair, and now I am proud that Jack has red hair. It is something my father passed down to him, and it makes him distinct.

When Jack, was born he wasn't even 24 hours old, and of course I was checking him out all over. For some reason I was looking at his temple, and I got an overwhelming feeling that I was looking at my Dad. That very spot to me looked like my Dad, and then I thought what a strange thing to think. The next day the look was gone. A few days later all the sudden my mom told me that in his first 24 hours she had looked at Jack's temple, and she saw my father. I was completely shocked I hadn't even mentioned it to her, and it wasn't like my Dad even had anything distinct about his temple either. It was all just too weird. I believe though that my dad was with me on that day. He was telling me through my newborn son that he was with me, and that he was okay.


Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

Oh Amy, I love the pictures of your dad! I know you must miss him so much. We had some good times with him. Like the circus, and when he threw the pills all over the car because he spilled coffee in his lap while he was driving!! lol Those were great times! Im sorry Jack never got to meet him either, but at least you have these pics to show him as he gets older.

OHmommy said...

I love looking throuhg old pictures. You have so many great ones!

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