Life at 1572: A good day

A good day

Jack, had daycare today. He went early this morning at 8:00. I dropped him off, and he didn't cry a single tear. What a big boy. I then proceeded to come home, and attempt a nap. Blowing off all the things I needed to be doing. The nap didn't really work. I had too much on my mind. Then I got a message from a girl I have been trying to meet asking me if I want to go with her to see this juggler they are having on base for kids. Turns out a group of girls I met at the park are her friends, and will be there too. Even thought it was at Jack's nap time I decided I should accept to continue meeting new people. Then I had to pick Jack up early from daycare hoping he could get a bit of a nap. They don't make them take naps at the daycare, only if they fall asleep. Jack, never ever falls asleep. I went and picked him up, and when I went in he was sitting at a tiny table eating his lunch. He looked up at me smiled, and greeted me with a loud, "Hiiii." He melted my heart. He looked and sounded like such a big boy, and he wasn't attached to a teacher. They said he had a really good day. I was so proud of him. After getting home he only ended up getting about a 20 minute nap. I wasn't sure he would make it through seeing this juggler. Turned out I was wrong. While we watched the show he stood on my lap pointing and saying ball, ball. Then he clapped his little hands as hard as he could. Again my heart melted at what a sweet boy he is. Then the group of us went to the park to let the kids play. It really was a great day.

I am kind of shocked, and sometimes even a little embarrassed at how shy Jack is. He is that way with kids, and now adults too. Then I started thinking about it, and really I shouldn't be. I think he is just like me when I was little. I was the little girl hiding behind my mom's leg. I didn't even want birthday parties just because I knew people would be looking at me and all the attention would be focused on me. I can remember two birthdays where my mom had to drag me in kicking and screaming I didn't want to go so badly. I think this is how Jack is. He might grow out of it, but then again he might not.


Singell Family said...

Im glad you guys had such a fun day! Thats good that Jack didnt even cry when you left him at daycare. I still have problems with both the girls in the nursery at church. They both are screaming when I leave. Ivy plays with the other kids, but Constance is kind of a loner too. She like to play with herself or with her sister and thats it. Im hoping she kinda grows out of it in preschool and opens up a little bit more. But Like you said I was the same way at my age. Very shy.

Aunt Janet said...

What a break thru - now it needs to continue! At the church nursery a little boy (1st time in) cried so hard for his dad, after about 5 mins of holding & talking which wasn't working, I bribed him with vanilla wafers, he sat at the table I bet he ate 6-8 of those, I did warn his mom how many he had.Its so fun to watch kids but the ones unhappy can be challenging, I stay with them until they stop & start playing.

Jack will remember his fun day & will be willing to do it again!!

58 degrees today - Yea!! And Sun!!

love you guys ooooxxxx

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