Life at 1572
Today, really flew by. My days seem to be going by fast, but the week still seems like it is dragging on. Jack, and I went to lunch with a wife of a guy Zach works with. We are all going to ride together when we visit the guys in Yuma this weekend. She is really nice, and we seem to like the same sort of things. I'm sure we will be spending all Sunday with them so hopefully we can become friends. It was such a nice day that after lunch I decided to spray off the truck because it needed it, and I wanted to try to get some brake dust off since our brakes have been making noise. Upon, a closer look the truck really needed to be washed because it was disgusting! I can't remember the last time we got it washed. So, I gathered all the supplies, and let Jack run around without his shirt figuring he'd get in the water. I pulled out the stroller in case I needed to make him sit in it because lately he's been making mad dashes into the street. I got busy hand washing the truck, and Jack did a good job keeping busy and staying close. He is going to daycare tomorrow bright and early. I'm hoping to get him there in time for art. I think I'm going to take my time alone to go join the YMCA, and then finish all this laundry I have.

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Aunt Janet said...

So does this mean NO computer while in Yuma?? I do hope you have a great time, otherwise you will have internet withdrawls, that will make a long ride home! What happens to your other boy, maS?

That is one thing I not into is washing the car, inside or out! You would think with 3 others here , someone would pick up the slack in that area. Wishful thinking!! Of course Austin's looks like it showroom ready at all times. It's not because of the newness, he really did get that from his father!!


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