Life at 1572: Hitting


I have been having such issues with Jack and hitting. He has such a temper. Whenever I say no to him he immediately retaliates with hitting. That might mean hitting me, and object, or the dog. I'm just not sure what to do with him. I feel like he is still too young for time out. I've read about several mothers that do time out with their kids that are Jack's age, but I just can't imagine that it works. We thought this was just something he was going through, but it seems like this isn't going away. Just wondering if anyone has ideas, or stories about what they have done with their kids.


Singell Family said...

I have started the time out thing with Ivy. She doesnt always sit still for very long but she gets the point that what she did was wrong. It seems to work most of the time. I think it helps with her though cause she sees constance in time out quite often! lol

Aunt Janet said...

Why do you feel Jack is too young for time-out?? Not very many more options, & you have to react or it will get worse. So timeout for 3 mins or less. Then explain at his level hitting is not allowed. Some say to encourge " your making bad choices ", a REAL different approach. It will take longer to get them to understand doing it that way.

Each child is different, you have to find what really works with Jack.Taking fav toys away is another.


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