Life at 1572: Month of The Military Child

Month of The Military Child

Jack, and I went to the theatre today to watch a wild animal show. This is the month of the military child so they are offering special free shows. Jack, wasn't that into it, but they did bring out a bird, and he thought that was neat. I went with the new group of girls that I've met. After we all went to the park. Jack, had fun running around. He seems to be doing better with little kids. He still doesn't talk to them, but he doesn't freeze at the sight of them like he used to. His new thing is practicing the stairs. He has leanred to climb up and down the stairs holdin onto the hand rail. So forget the slides, the stairs are fun! My heart skips a beat when he gets close to falling, but he really is doing a great job. Zach, found out he will be home on the 22nd. I'm looking forward to that!

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