Life at 1572: Our weekend

Our weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday, Jack and I went with Whitney to the mall. We were supposed to spend the day at the beach, but it was only 63 and cloudy off and on. So much for a day at the beach getting some sun. So, we headed out for some lunch, and the mall instead. I am really in need of some new clothes, so I splurged and got myself two shirts. I justified it since they were both on sale. I also never do anything for myself so this was a nice treat. Then we all went to lunch at a pizza place. The fun part was taking Jack to the pet store. He looovves birds or as he says "dirdie", most things around here start with a D. He stared at that cage filled with like 20 birds for a really long time. They also, had tiny baby rabbits, and I got one out for him to pet. He loved it. Whitney asked how much the rabbits cost, and they were $500! Wow, I told her to go to the humane society.

After we got home we had an hour to get ready for a BBQ at Nicole's place. Since there were going to be a lot of people showing up she thought it might be a good idea to have it at the park. Despite it being pretty cold. We figured we'd cook, eat really fast, and then some of the people would come back to her place. Turns out once we were there everyone was pretty rooted to staying at the park even though we were burning more calories shivering then we were consuming. The food was great, and so was the company but I had a really bad time. Jack, hadn't napped so he was pretty unhappy. His nose and cheeks were red from the cold, and he just couldn't understand why we were eating next to the park, and not playing at the park. He never let me eat, he didn't want to be held, and all he wanted to do was run over to the park, or in the street. I did let him run to the park a few times just so I could shovel a few bites of food in, and then I'd have to bring him back, and try to convince him to stay with me. It would have been much easier if Zach would have been there because we could have tag teamed him. He and I did go back to Nicole's for the evening, and Jack played with her daughter. He was much happier in the warmth of the house.

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