Life at 1572: Go David Cook!!

Go David Cook!!

Zach, and I actually watched Idol while it is "live" and not DVRed. It was great to see David C. living it up in Blue Springs. My mom cracked me up when I talked to her on the phone the show had already played in Mo, and she told me our crowds and T-Shirts were waaayyy better! If he wins I think people are going to flip in KC.

Not much going on here. Still resting up from last week! I thought I'd wake up, and not be able to move from the gym, but I wasn't feeling bad at all. I was going to go again tonight, but the girl I was going with pooped out on me. So, I was lazy and stayed home. I am def. going tomorrow night. I was busy cleaning the house this afternoon. We are trying to keep it nice. Unfortunately, we aren't the cleanest people in the world. I'm trying to get busy with some scrapbooking. I need to take advantage of Zach, being off this week so I can work on it during the day. At night I am just too tired to do much.

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Aunt Janet said...

I thought this is what it would end up between the 2 David's -- BUT I truly think it should of been David C. & Shesha because of the way the words to songs got miss used in David A.'s songs. What do you think? D.A. is very talented but too young at this time. It will be a good show next week -- GO DAVID COOK!!!!!

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