Life at 1572
Zach, is off all this week too. I'm glad to have him home. We were considering going camping, but we never really got anything planned. Now, we realize it is a good thing we didn't because we are both pretty tired from all of our going last week. We did go to the zoo today. We only went for a few hours, but we saw a bunch of animals. Jack, learned to hiss like a snake, and growl like a tiger. It was very cute. We did see these ducks attacking another duck. They were chasing all over, and pecking at it, and the poor duck was bleeding. I was very disturbed. Zach, said it is just nature, but I was hoping to see a zoo person to tell them about it. I did go to the gym this evening. Go me! Yeah right, I can be proud when I go for like a month, and not just one day. I was planning to go, and we picked up our keys to the new clubhouse. The fitness center is open so I decided to go there. It is a little small, but it looks like the guys won't really go there so that is nice. Plus it is in walking distance from my house. For a while I was thinking about joining the YMCA, but I couldn't justify paying the initial fee. So, I am hoping to go here when I can because it is free.

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