Life at 1572: Welcome to Hollywood!

Welcome to Hollywood!

We had a fun trip to Hollywood on Wednesday. We drove up that morning, parked the car, and walked all over Hollywood Blvd. They were setting up for the movie premiere of Vice so we couldn't get to all of the hand prints in front of Mann's Theatre. It was kind of neat to see the set up of the red carpet. We walked up and down checking out all of the stars on the sidewalks. Then we tried to find the Hollywood sign. There isn't a way to get to the actual sign, and there isn't really any directions to a good place for pictures. We were lucky to find a good spot when we went with my friend Heather a few years ago. Zach, and I figured that was a fluke, but we decided to give it a try. We drove up the hillside through some neighborhoods. A sign on the side said no access to the Hollywood sign, but I figured they put that up to keep tourists out. Not having much luck we finally asked a resident on the side of the road, and he directed us to a park where we could park the car, and walk up the hillside for a clear spot. Zach, and I are pretty sure this is the same area we went to a few years ago. We had fun, and it was an adventure. After Hollywood we drove back down to Anaheim for the night in our hotel room. The room was perfect, and we were glad to relax. Zach, and I did venture out to the local Sonic Drive In. The one in Anaheim is the closest one to us so we just had to stop for some food. Then we relaxed, and tried to gear up for our busy Disney days ahead of us!


heather said...

Brings back great memories! Glad you guys had fun! Jack is getting soooo big!

Aunt Janet said...

Wish you could of got pics on Sunset Blvd going in the direction of movie stars homes!! I remember going past several taking pics, we were in our cousin's car instead of tour bus.It helped ALOT that family lived so close to HOLLYWOOD. I don't think anybody leaves Disneyland before 13 hours have gone by first.

Yes you guys need this week to re-coop, enjoy!
Love ooooxxxx

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