Life at 1572: Idol Tonight

Idol Tonight

I'll be watching American Idol tonight. Will you be watching? I never watch Idol, but they should have film of David Cook singing from Blue Springs, my home town. My mom said everyone in the town went pretty crazy while he was there. I'm excited to see it, and I hope he wins!


Heather said...

I forgot he went there this week. I thought about going up there, but then decided agianst it since I would have to take the girls with me. I really hope he wins.

Aunt Janet said...

I was in such a hurry to get home from work, let me go early for the parade, when I got home Eric wanted me to take him to David's(friend's house).Just when I pulled back into my driveway I heard a short fast siren, looked up to 19th & saw the limo with escorts go by!! I was in shock - if I had known the route to South they were taking I could of stood at my corner with a sign & heck with the parade! Ended up staying home & watching it on TV.Exciting day for us.Hope everyone voted over & over last night.The way it went last night for all three each had moments of "not great" performances! Maybe everybody is expecting very high standards- these guys aren't pros yet!
Pins & needles!!!

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