Life at 1572
The boys went out to play this morning. They left at the crack of dawn to go fishing in the ocean. My husband was so excited he said he could hardly sleep. Unfortunately, the highlight of the trip was also him up chucking it over the side of the boat. Apparently, people scrambled around him as the wind blew some nastiness at them. Yuck. He even took the seasick pills. That is a horrible feeling. I made the mistake of going deep sea fishing when I was pregnant. Zach's dad offered to take us, and I was the one who had always wanted to go so I wasn't going to be left out. I was miserable for like 6 hours. After we met at Hodad's in Ocean Beach. This is a burger joint that you may have seen on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. The burgers were HUGE. I wish I had a picture of them, but I didn't have my camera. They were super yummy though.

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Aunt Janet said...

Yes Eric called & said the catch of the day was Zach up-chucking!!I know they still had fun out in the ocean with no land in sight.

Yes one burger joint down & I think Eric has another he has seen on that program to test out.

Love oooooxxxxx

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