Life at 1572: Fair Fun

Fair Fun

We have enjoyed the Del Mar Fair this year. This past weekend we were there until midnight two nights in row. Jack, just wouldn't give it up, and he didn't fall asleep until we were in the car. We had a really good time. We ate some delicious fair food. We had so much fun. Zach chilled in his hammocks. He has coveted these things for three years now. This year I finally agreed that we could get one. He sold me on the idea by telling me it would get him outside with Jack more. So, I am going to hold him to it.

Jack, LOVED all the animals. He went up to all of their pens and leaned in making kissy noises at them. He talked sweet baby gibberish to them trying to coax them closer. He had his first pony ride. He didn't like it at first, but finally relaxed enough to enjoy it.


Aunt Janet said...

How cute on the horse! Please get Eric to take some pics so the three of you are in some!!

Does he talk to Sam that way? I'm sure he doesn't, Sam is just his dog.

Love oooooxxxxx

Grandma Rosie said...

Oh look at the cowboy!!!! Need to know though, did Zach successfully rope Eric? LOL

Hugs and kisse

Aunt Janet said...

Happy Anniversary Zach & Amy!!! Please take advantage of your babysitter. Hope you get this today!!

Also if Brooke reads the blog "Happy Birthday" !

Talk later oooooxxxxx

Heather said...

Looks like you guys had alot of fun! Happy Anniversary!!!!! Hope you guys get to go out and do something special!

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