Life at 1572: Pretty baby

Pretty baby

Jack, had a fun morning. He found a tube of lipstick. Doesn't this shade do wonders for him? Haha! Needless to say it was all over the place! I got these pictures before getting him into the tub.


Heather said...

LOL... Sounds like we have had similar days! Thats too funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, well it was bound to happen! Does his shirt say he's putting himself in charge? How funny!!
Love you little artist!
Grandma Nancy

The Swigarts said...

That is hysterical!! I love it! That is a great photo to pull out when he is 18!

Aunt Janet said...

What is so funny is it looks like he knew it was lipstick, because most of it got on his face. Did you find the remander of the tube?HOPE HE DIDN'T GET ANY ON THE CARPET!!
Surprised Eric is holding him still, bet he watched where his hands were all of the time.
Zach missed this one, huh?!
Never a dull moment!!

love oooooxxxxx

Grandma Rosie said...

OMG look at him. The little stinker. Had a great time didn't he.

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