Life at 1572: Try Try Again

Try Try Again

Where is Sam?

I made another attempt at making bread today. This is the fifth time I have tried to make it. Let me tell you it takes lots of work to make some bread. I am making it for two reasons Zach, has been begging me since we got married to make some, and because it is supposed to be more cost effective than buying a loaf of bread. Either way it is still damn hard. The first two attempts went into the trash. They smelled yummy, but were about as heavy as bricks. The last batch turned out okay, but still not right. This time I tried a recipe from the Food Network. It was the easiest so far because it had me doing most of the kneading with my mixer. It still isn't as tall as I want it to be, but it is light, soft, and tastes pretty good.


Heather said...

Your bread looks very yummy! And Sam is cute in all those blankets! lol

Anonymous said...

Man that looks goooood! You'll have to make me some when you come home!
Love you,

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