Life at 1572: Alone with my thoughts

Alone with my thoughts

I am actually alone here at the house. Zach, took the baby with him to go find some bait to do some evening fishing at the pond. We went as a family for the first time the other day. Zach, just backed the truck up to the water so Jack could sit on the tailgate. Jack, didn't want anything to do with the little fish we caught. We tried to get him to touch one, but he just said, "all done."

I have been thinking about this upcoming deployment to Iraq. It is right around the corner. This is our third deployment so it really isn't new to us. I don't even have dates of when he is leaving yet, and I always have known by now. It is pretty safe to say we have a month left give or take a bit. I am pretty at peace with things right now. I am kind of glad not to know the date because I think it would just hang over me. Deployments are never easy. This time the people in charge are so disorganized it is pretty nuts. They can't seem to decide who should go, or where they should go because there really isn't much that needs to be done over there. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, and I hope they get things shaped up soon. For now, I am trying to enjoy each day as we get it. Casually trying to remind Zach that he might want to spend a little extra time with Jack when get can.

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Heather said...

Hey girl,

I hate that he has to go again. We are in the same boat here, so if you ever want to just vent about it, go right ahead! Love the pics!

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