Life at 1572: Goodbye to Sam and Eric

Goodbye to Sam and Eric

Well, little Sam flew home to Missouri today. Eric, was due to go home today anyway so we just put Sam on the flight with him. We are all really sad about this. I have been crying all yesterday and today. We are very fortunate that he can just go live with my mom or grandma. Either way he is with good family that will spoil him rotten. We took him to the dog park yesterday for the last time. He got in some good butt sniffing, Just being out was a bit of a distraction.

More on the situation with the neighbors today we were called and told that the service manager drove by our houses and determined that our spot was next to our garage, and her spot is next to her garage. So, they can no longer park in the one in front of our house. We really didn't want it to come to all that, but in the end we are glad to know what is what. When we came home today they were still parked there so who knows where this is going to go. Then this evening when I walked out to my car the neighbor yelled out her door, "I hope they are happy I called on their dog!" I wasn't going to say anything, but then I decided this might be my only chance to say something so I replied with, "Well, I hope you are happy you broke a little boy's heart." She said something along the lines of we have hurt her daughter because she has had to walk through dog crap in her yard everyday. Well, apparently this lady doesn't know the difference between cat and dog crap because for 3 1/2 years our dog had gone to the bathroom in a dog litter box on our patio. He is small enough so that is how we trained him. Then her husband came to the door screaming at me about how we could do this after all they have done for us. When the only thing they have done is helped me carry in a chair into my house two years ago. I walked in my house. I wasn't about to be screamed at across my front yard. I was proud of myself for not just going off screaming and cursing at these people because that is what I really really wanted to do.


Grandma Rosie said...

Oh, how sad, but I am happy at the same time. Sam WILL have a wonderful home and at least Jack and him will be able to play each time you come home. I was hoping that either your mom or grandma would take him. If you were looking for a good home, I was going to help pay to get him back here. I was thinking about asking Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman. Grandpa wouldn't let you give him to a stranger. If mom and grandma need a baby sitter, Grandma Rosie will gladly do this. Sam and Rascal just might get along good but he will also have Lucky. We will pray that when Zach returns in March he can get something new and you can get away from Miramar and the lousy neighbors you have.

Love and miss you all. Will make a trip to Grandma's soon to see Sam.

Hugs and kisses

Aunt Janet said...

Yes Sam is safe & seems to be happy at Grandma's. He was glad to get out of his carrier to pee last night, found the first exit to let him be relived. Lucky is also happy, was very late & they both were still sniffing each other & playing. Got Sam a blanket & Zach's T-shirt to settle down with.
Glad he is used to Eric so he doesn't feel abandoned. He was happy to see all of us, yes we will spoil him because he is a good doggy!
Very good pics of Jack & Sam.
Get that petion going - so the rules will change. Try to tnink this is temporary, so Sam can come home. oooxxx

Aunt Janet said...

About the neighbor, I can't believe the husband is screaming right along with the wife, I was going to give him the benefit of a doubt that he wouldn't diss another fellow marine!! So they both are CRAZY!!!!! Watch everything you guys say & do, I'm sure there is a log of 4yrs of coming & going as is. Make legal complaints from now on.Most of all have FUN - forget them!!

Talk later xxxooo

The Swigarts said...

Oh this stinks!! this entire situation makes me sick! After all of the issues with Denean it does not suprise me too much that she would do something like this. At least you know that Sam will be well taken care of, and any time you go home he will be there. If you need to chat give me a call.

Heather said...

Is this the same neighbor I met when I was there?? That is just horrible! How could someone be so mean. I hope Jack doesnt get too sad without his buddy there. At least you know where he is and who he is with. Im sure that helps alot. Love ya.


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