Life at 1572: More Disneyland Fun

More Disneyland Fun

We had a good time at Disneyland. It was really hot outside though. We were there on a Thursday so the parks wasn't as crowded as it might be on a weekend. The wait in the lines were really fast. It was humid up in Anaheim so Jack, had some crazy hair going on. It got really curly. We stayed all day, and watched the fireworks. They were just as good as ever. We were dead tired by the time we made it home.


Heather said...

Looks like Jack had lots of fun on the tea cups!! I want to go back there so bad!!!

Aunt Janet said...

His hair doesn't look that long when it is combed normal! Also that pic with a curled nose look is a duplicate of his daddy!! I like those the best. He will think Disneyland is like going to Worlds of Fun -- he has been so many times, and I sure not finished yet.

talk later oooooxxxxx

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