Life at 1572: Very annoying neighbors

Very annoying neighbors

**warning long neighbor vent post ahead**

We have been busy running around here and there. Trying to fill our summer days. It is hard to believe it is almost August! I am trying to go about a nice peaceful summer, but I am about to have a smack down with my next door neighbor. She is a thorn in our sides. She is in her 40's and has a daughter a few years older than Jack. Due to her age she thinks she is the queen of the street, and she can boss us around. She is the nosiest person I have met in my entire life. Not exaggerating she knows our every move. If we stay out until 4 in the morning she is outside the next day asking us what we were doing. I think she leaves her doors and windows open just so she can hear our ever move. The second we are outside there she is with a barrage of questions. We grilled in our backyard, and there she was asking us about the smoke she smelled. One night we had friends watch Jack while we went to the movies. We were running late so we left really fast out the door. She proceeded to tell our friends that she had figured we had an emergency, but then she went inside looked on her computer, and decided we were just probably seeing a movie. Who goes to such lengths, and who admits stuff like this? She asked our friends if they were having kids within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. She asks me EVERY time she sees me when we are having another child. Somehow the answer that my husband is leaving for Iraq so we won't be trying to conceive anytime soon just doesn't satisfy her. Basically, we can't move without her eyes on us. Up to now I have tolerated all of this. I have tried to just chalk it up to harmless neighbor stuff despite how annoying it is.

At our house we have a parking spot in front of our garage, and one next to that one in front of our house. Then right next to that spot is the annoying neighbor's spot. They usually put both their cars in those two spots, and we have just kind of let it be a first come first serve basis for that second spot since we only have one car. Well, since our friends have been coming over more we told them they could park in our second spot. We even told them to squeeze close to us that way if our neighbor really wanted to she could park both her cars there too. Well, the other day she came out, and tried to casually mention that her husband would be home, and our friends needed to move their car. We were all leaving anyway so whatever. Then tonight she comes out and tells my friend that she has contacted the military police, and that if they park there she will call them, and they will get a citation. My head almost exploded. I immediately went in to call housing to get things straight. The lady on the phone told me that our "official spot" is the one in front of our door. The spot my neighbor is claiming as her second spot. The lady said that if we had room to park in front of our garage too then we were just lucky enough to have all that room. So, now I am armed and ready. Let this lady call the MP's on us. I am going to freak out on her.


Michelle Leigh said...

Wow, this lady seems like a piece of work! Good luck with that. I'm so glad my neighbors are awesome, not nosy and demanding at all!

Aunt Janet said...

Everyone has a pest sometime, you are getting yours over with now. Mine is a smoking(meat) or fireplace burner constantly so when I want the attic fan on I can't! Maybe when you know company is coming over, You park yours in the extra space & your company gets your original.
So she can yell to you about the truck parking in the wrong one, which is legally is yours too!!

But that's just one problem solved with her, calmly tell her to mind her own business after smiling & saying hello.If you do that everytime she will get it sooner or later. Is her hubby the same way? Talk to him or have Zach talk to him!!

Getting anxious to see Eric!! Winding down the summer, school starts AUG 19th, can you believe that !!!! Getting earlier every year.
Talk later oooooxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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