Life at 1572
Jackson, is ever changing. Of course this is to be expected, but just as I get used to something he switches stuff up on me. We have been flipping one or two naps a day for a while now. I decided to try to create a new schedule for him that would include only one long nap. Normally, he is such a good sleeper. We put him down, and he goes right to sleep no issues. Lately he has been waking in the night, and crying at every nap we give him. On top of it his naps have been really short. I can't figure out exactly what we should do about it. I am hoping he gets thing straightened out soon. We also got Jack a potty chair the other day. We thought maybe he was showing signs of being ready. Now, I am thinking not so much. We can barely get him to sit on the thing, and he totally doesn't get the correlation between the chair and going potty. So, for now we are going to just leave it in the bathroom, and let him lead the way.

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