Life at 1572: Finally


More fishing pictures. Jack, needed a new life jacket so we got him one from the Bass Pro Shop on the way home from Vegas. I feel much safer having him around the water now.

Sorry, to those few that might have been checking the blog for new posts. We have been really busy, and really sick around here the past week. All last weekend I had what I thought was food poisoning, and I am sure everyone knows the symptoms of that. It ended up lasting 4 days, and the day I felt better is the day Jack started to throw up. So, of course we had some sort of virus, and not food poisoning. Now, Zach has it, and is just getting over it. On top of it we were busy trying to help friends move. Needless to say some things got neglected. I still need to blog about our fun Vegas trip. I will save that for another night. I need to get to bed. We are going to see the circus in the morning.

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heather said...

Im glad you are back! I was starting to get a little worried.

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